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We execute project with mutually agreed scope of work between Clients and associates.

Every Assignment is planned and monitored by an Associate Consultant, through technical contributions are made by the experts drawn from in-house or networked resources.

Client’s representatives are involved during Design, Development and implementation phases so that the Design and Development are as per requirements and the hand-over is smooth.

The key dimensions of Assignment management are:

  • Employing project management techniques:
    Work Plans (Actions, Responsibility, Resources and Time Frame)
    Periodical progress reporting and review with Client
  • Use of Frame-works, Methodologies and Library of processes to ensure adherence to standards and minimising cost
  • Development of standards, prototypes and models for every assignment to match with Client’s need
  • Employment of rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to ensure defect-free products
  • Strict adherence to pre-determine costs and time budget.
Alacron Computer Consultants